Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond, Says Spectre Producer

We’ll see about that!

He’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, he’s in again.

There’s been nonstop speculation about whether or not Daniel Craig will return for another James Bond film, complicated by conflicting statements from Craig himself.

The latest Bond team member to add to the debate is Spectre producer Michael J. Wilson, who told the Hollywood Reporter, “I think we’ve got him.”

Wilson was apparently dismissive of Craig’s recent denial that he’d wear the 007 suit again, by pointing out that Sam Mendes said he was done after Skyfall, but returned with Craig for Spectre.

Still, there is no contract or official commitment from Craig, who told Time Out London last month he’d rather “slash [his] wrists” than take on the Bond role again. Maybe he’d had a few martinis?