Watch Daniel Radcliffe Go Undercover as a Neo-Nazi In ‘Imperium’ Trailer

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor as you’ve never seen him before.

Daniel Radcliffe might say he just likes interesting roles, but it’s hard to believe he isn’t also doing whatever he can to eclipse his most visible role as boy wizard Harry Potter. A movie where he spends a good portion of screen time having to behave as if he’s a violent white supremacist might do the trick. 

In Imperium, Radcliffe plays a youthful FBI analyst named Nate Foster. He’s tasked with going undercover inside a vicious far right-wing terrorist group planning to use a dirty bomb. The green agent Foster is faced with a huge, dangerous job, as he has to behave like a believable white supremacist yet not lose sight of who he really is inside. Check out the fairly intense trailer above to see for yourself. 

Imperium is reportedly based on real-life events. It hits theaters and video-on-demand August 19th.