The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Just Dropped a Halfway Decent Rap Track Called ‘These Heaux’

Watch your back, Eminem.

Danielle Bregoli  Rap

Danielle Bregoli continues on her conquest to transform her infamous Dr. Phil appearance—the viral moment that forever cemented her as the “Cash Me Ousside” girl—into a full-blown celebrity career with a new rap single called, “These Heaux.” (Pronounced “hoes,” of course.)

While the shit-talking teen is clearly no budding Kendrick Lamar, she displays a halfway decent flow as she disses “fake hoes” and the like. Listen to this snippet of leaked audio courtesy of TMZ to see what you think: 

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Bregoli uses her debut single to clap back at haters, hoes and all manner of other critics trying to drag her down.

“These hoes be lackin’/see me in back and they talk all this shit but don’t say it person.”  


The 14-year-old human meme even references the Red Solo cup, that iconic vessel of all things alcoholic. 

“Red cup, no it ain’t that Kool-Aid/Got me fed up you hoes too fake/One minute he a man, he a ride or die/Next minute on the ground with a new bae.”

The 48-second sample also sees Bregoli giving a shout out to CeeLo Green.

“I ain’t nothing like these hoes/Don’t compare me to no one (don’t do it)/Money green like CeeLo/Yeah, my pockets so swole up.”

Bregoli has been cultivating a hip-hop image for some time now. She starred in Kodak Black’s music video for “Everything 1K” earlier this year, and her recent legal issues could be a bid to establish a modicum of street cred that’s helpful for aspiring rappers. What a world we live in, right?

That budding rap sheet could explain why she’s playing “hide and seek” with a cop car in one of her Instagram shots.

At least now she’ll have something to do at her high-priced appearances other than berate the audience. 

h/t: New York Post