Danielle Fishel Is Back On The Market

Celebrate with 7 stunning photos from Maxim’s archives.

Topanga is single. I repeat: TOPANGA IS SINGLE! That’s right, gentlemen. Your ultimate Boy Meets World teenage dream girl, Danielle Fishel, is back on the market. 

According to E! News, Fishel and husband Tim Belusko decided to quietly call it quits after two years of marriage. While there’s no news yet as to why our former cover girl and Belusko — who is seven years her junior —broke up, Fishel previously revealed what initially attracted her to him: a Mortal Kombat tattoo on his calf. 

“I’m not a huge tattoo person, but I loved it” she told Maxim in 2013. “I actually have two of my own, which I would get laser-removed, but I’m afraid they’ll look weird. I have one on the back of my neck and I have a tramp stamp.” Tramp stamp, you say? Go on…

We wish Fishel all the best in her future single endeavors. In the meantime, fear not, Topanga is alive and well in the Girl Meets World series, currently airing on the Disney Channel.