Darryl Strawberry Used to Have Sex with Groupies During Games

The ’80s sure were a different time.

It has been said that Darryl Strawberry could have been one of baseball’s all-time greats, if only he had a little self control. But the 17-year MLB vet’s unrequited love for cocaine derailed his career in the mid ’90s and he never lived up to the promise shown early in his career.

In his first decade in baseball, Straw put up gaudy numbers that had people comparing him to Hank Aaron. And now, we might finally know why. When Strawberry was a member of the Mets, he used to have sex in the dugout between innings. 

This insane admission came on the Mad Dog Sports Radio while Strawberry was promoting ESPN’s 30 for 30 Doc & Darryl, which aired Thursday night. 

“Between innings. It worked out well. That’s just how crazy it was,” he said.

The process was simple, he said. He saw a woman in the crowd, pointed her out to a go-fer and retreated into the clubhouse to meet up. They’d do their thing and he was, presumably, back on the field when he was needed. 

Talk about a performance enhancer.