Dave Grohl Got So Stoned at a Paul McCartney Party, He Forgot How To Play Guitar

This epic story also involves Taylor Swift saving the day.

Dave Grohl is a famous musician who often ends up in the company of other famous musicians. In the slightly mind-boggling story he tells in the video above, Grohl describes a scenario involving two of the biggest names in music and himself that sounds like it was scripted by a late-night comedy writers’ room.

If you haven’t played the video—which was made by a fan during a private show the rocker performed at the Cannes Lions Fest—the brief version of the Foo Fighters frontman’s story is deceptively simple. 

Grohl says he attended a Paul McCartney house party and he (Dave Grohl, not Sir Paul) was stoned out of his mind. Naturally Grohl was asked to perform one of his own songs, but between being high as hell and McCartney’s guitars all being designed for left-handed use, he was too confused to do anything. 

Then—”like fuckin’ Batman” according to Grohl—no less than Taylor Swift appeared. Swift began playing the Foo Fighters’ hit “Best of You,” and Grohl joined in.

Grohl tells the whole thing in a thoroughly entertaining and engaging way.

In the video, Grohl uses his toked-up tale to segue into “Best of You.” 

So there you go. We’re honestly hoping there are more than a few ‘Taylor Swift saves the day for other musicians in peril’ stories out there to be heard.

h/t Stereogum