Dave Navarro Found His Personal Hell

Why do rock stars even have to take elevators?

On his way to the Opie with Jim Norton morning show in New York City, rocker Dave Navarro got stuck in an elevator. And to make matters worse, Navarro was trapped in this claustrophobic’s nightmare with two non-celebrity women.


While waiting to be rescued, the former Mr. Carmen Electra meticulously recorded the torturous experience on his Instagram account.

One video documents the civilians sharing Navarro’s hell hole having an ordinary conversation. It’s enhanced by the former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist’s silent, “Oh My God” reaction at the tiresome chatter of mere humans who never performed on stage with a grown man named Flea.


Navarro was soon rescued by the New York Fire Department’s bravest. He even made it on time to his radio segment.


Just another fun day in the life of a rock & roll legend!

P.S. We assume the women who were trapped with Dave Navarro made it out safely too or whatever.

h/t Uproxx