Watch David Blaine Blow the Minds of Dave Chappelle, Drake and Steph Curry By Spitting Up Frogs

Talk about having a frog in your throat.

David Blaine showed off an astonishing number of mind-bending new tricks and illusions last night on his special, Beyond Magic. But his “Human Aquarium” party trick really freaked everyone out, including celebs Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry, Drake, Donnell Rawlings and Jimmy Butler.

As you can probably guess, the stunt consisted of holding water-born critters in his stomach. When the time came, Blaine started regurgitating frogs into his audience’s glasses with extraordinary ease. Seriously, how does he do this shit? 

It should be noted he’s not the first to try it. Steve-O did his own crude version with a goldfish back before he was cast for Jackass. I think we can agree that Blaine’s exhibition was a little more elegant.

Yeah, Blaine wins. 

h/t: COED