23 David Bowie Deep Cuts You Need to Hear

Let's bask in the glittery glow of Bowie for just a few minutes longer.
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The weight of this particular Monday is heavier than anyone could have possibly anticipated as fans of David Bowie are reeling from his tragic loss to cancer at the age of 69. So let's pause for a minute and spend time with his music — which truly will live forever, as long we keep it spinning.

So let's spin. Here's a selection of Bowie's lesser lauded songs because, much like Bowie himself, we're fans of the unusual, the unexpected, and the exceptional.

1) "There is a Happy Land" — From his debut self-titled album, released in 1967

Sissy Steven plays with girls, someone made him cry
Tony climbed a tree and fell, trying hard to touch the sky
Tommy lit a fire one day, nearly burned the field away

2) "After All" — From The Man Who Sold the World, released in 1970

I sing with impertinence, shading impermanent chords, with my words 
I've borrowed your time and I'm sorry I called 
But the thought just occurred that we're nobody's children At all, after all 

3) "Fill Your Heart" — From Hunky Dory, released in 1971

Fill your heart with love today
Don't play the game of time
Things that happened in the past
Only happened in your Mind

4) "It Ain't Easy" — From The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, released in 1972

When you climb to the top of the mountain
Look out over the sea
Think about the places perhaps, where a young man could be

5) "The Prettiest Star" — From Aladdin Sane, released in 1973

So tired, it's the sky that makes you feel tired
It's a trick to make you see wide
It can all but break your heart in pieces

6) "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" — From Pin Ups, released in 1973

Don't follow the lines
That been laid before
I get along anyway I care

7) "We Are the Dead" — From Diamond Dogs, released in 1974

Now I'm hoping some one will care
Living on the breath of a hope to be shared

8) "Can You Hear Me" — From Young Americans, released in 1975

Don't talk of heartaches, ohh, I remember them all

9) "Word on a Wing" — From Station to Station, released in 1976

Just because I believe don't mean I don't think as well
Don't have to question everything 
In heaven or hell

10) "Always Crashing in the Same Car— From Low, released in 1977

Every chance
Every chance that I take
I take it on the road

11) "The Secret Life of Arabia" — From Heroes, released in 1977

I was running at the speed of life

12) "Move On" — From Lodger, released in 1979

Maybe it's just a trick of the mind, but
Somewhere there's a morning sky

13) "Ashes to Ashes" — From Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), released in 1980

I'm happy. Hope you're happy, too.
I've loved. All I've needed: love.

14) "Without You" — From Let's Dance, released in 1983

And when I'm willing to call it a day
Just when I won't take another chance
I hold your hand

15) "I Keep Forgettin" — From Tonight, released in 1984

Though it's plain as can be
That you're finished with me
I just can't get it through my head

16) "Time Will Crawl" — From Never Let Me Down, released in 1987

You were a talented child
You came to live in our town

17) "Miracle Goodnight" — From Black Tie White Noise, released in 1992

Morning star you're beautiful, yellow dime on high
Spin you round my little room, miracle goodnight

18) "Hallo Spaceboy" — From Outside, released in 1995

But Moondust will cover you
Cover you

19) "Looking For Satellites" — From Earthling, released in 1997

Where do we go from here?
There's something in the sky
Shining in the light
Spinning and far away

20) "If I'm Dreaming My Life" — From Hours, released in 1999

All the lights are fading now
If I'm dreaming all my life

21) "Everyone Says 'Hi'" — From Heathen, released in 2002

Said you took a big trip
They said you moved away
Happened oh, so quietly
They say

22) "Never Get Old" — From Reality, released in 2003

I breathe so deep when the movie gets real
When the star turns round
Again and again
He looks me in the eye says he's got his mind on a countdown 3-2-1

23) "Dancing Out in Space"— From The Next Day, released in 2013

No-one here can see you
Dancing face to face
No-one here can beat you
Dancing out in space