Why’s Everyone Talking About David Cameron Putting His Junk in a Pig’s Mouth?

We broke down #piggate — and let you know why Black Mirror fans are having a field day. 

First things first, who’s David Cameron again?

C’mon, this is an easy one. He’s been the British Prime Minister since 2010, and the leader of the Conservative Party.

So, what’d he do with a pig?

Former Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft just wrote an unauthorized biography of Cameron in which he claims that he has photographic evidence of the PM putting a “private part of his anatomy” inside of a dead pig’s head.

Blimey! So which private part we talking?


Okay, okay. So when exactly did this happen?

Allegedly, while Cameron was in college — or in uni, per the Brits — at Oxford. The dead pig fellatio was supposedly an initiation ritual for a dining club. And here you thought frats in America were crazy!

Any other details?

Gross. Use your imagination. 

Why does this all sound so familiar?

This is the best part (I mean, aside from the image of a major world leader sticking his junk in a pig’s mouth) — this scandal is eerily reminiscent of the first episode of Black Mirror, in which the PM is forced to, ahem, make love to a pig on camera as part of a blackmail payment.

Talk about prophetic. 

We know. But Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker denies knowing anything about this incident. 

So what does Cameron have to say about all this?
The Independent is reporting that Downing Street released a statement saying that Cameron “will not ‘dignify’ allegations that he once ‘inserted a private part of his anatomy’ into a dead pig’s mouth with a response.”

That’s it then?

Yep. Or as one famous pig once said:

Photos by David Hartley / Rex USA