David Ortiz’s Dream Job Is Probably The Same As Yours

And no, it’s not being a professional baseball player.

David Ortiz has what many would consider a dream job. Not only is he a professional baseball player, but he’s a designated hitter, so he gets to take naps while his team’s on the field — and he’s made $143 million dollars doing that during his time with the Red Sox.

Still, everyone fantasizes about life would be like if they had pursued other passions, and Big Papi is no exception. In a handwritten questionnaire for The Player’s Tribuneas part of the publication’s “What the (Blank)?” series, Ortiz reveal his dream job is — well, we’ll let him tell you: 

The irony here is that Ortiz is the most famous player on one of baseball’s most popular teams, and he was single for a time after he and his wife separated in 2013 (they’ve since reconciled). Odds are, his sex life is much better as a superstar paid to hit homers than it would be as a nobody paid to blow loads. But far be it for us to deny the man his dreams, which, it should be noted, don’t have to end. Every athlete needs a second act. 

Photos by Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images