Dayton and Ohio State Coaches Show Up in Identical Clothes

Joan Rivers would be outraged.

Dayton taking down their state-sharing rival and bullying big brother Ohio State was the big story of the first day of March Madness, but a delightful little sidebar was the opposing coaches showing up to the game wearing the exact same clothes. Thad Matta looked at Archie Miller like he was gazing at his past self, with a full head of dark hair and no expectations created by that asshole Urban Meyer making his life harder by winning all the time.

Then came this adorable moment when the coaches examined each other’s ties, an elaborate charade insinuating that these “tough-as-nails” coached didn’t call each other ahead of time (on their own private bedroom line, of course, so Mom can’t listen in), and plan out their matching duds for the game. Maxim is still seeking confirmation that the two are “totally not talking” after the fierce ending of the game.

Photos by Getty Images