This Post-Apocolyptic Video Game Shows How Quickly the Meek Would Inherit the Earth

The DayZ  social experiment game will put you through your survival paces.

The apocalyptic-survival video game DayZ puts players in a sandbox filled with zombies and survivors and dares them to make the tough choices needed to ensure they live to see the next day. You have to pay attention to the same human needs that you would in real life. Are you warm enough? Do you have enough food and water? It can be panic inducing, especially since you start with nothing when you spawn into the world. But does survival mean losing your humanity?

YouTuber Cyborg Lizard sought to find this out by giving newly spawned players a firearm and seeing what they would do with it. Almost unanimously, they elected to try and kill him, but unbeknownst to them, the gun was jammed and Cyborg Lizard was free to lecture them about their amoral behavior, or simply beat them to death with a hammer.

You can check out more of Cyborg Lizard’s channel for further DayZ experiment videos. They’re certainly more interesting than your run of the mill Let’s Play and some of the results are completely out of sync with what I thought they would be. And it’s always fun to watch something a little…different.

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