Check Out The Sizzling First Look at Domino From ‘Deadpool 2’


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Deadpool better hold onto his katanas.

Actor Ryan Reynolds just tweeted out a first official look at Domino, the freewheeling mutant to be played by actress Zazie Beetz. Clearly, she’s bringing a lot of personality (and some actual sex appeal) to the role.

The photo is much like the first official image of Deadpool himself, of Domino lounging seductively by the fireplace. This time, she’s lazing on top of Deadpool’s suit, suggesting she may be coming after some of his screentime in Deadpool 2

“Some people just know how to work a red carpet,” Reynolds quipped on Twitter.

Marvel describes Domino’s powers as telekinetic; however, she lacks conscious control of them. 

“Domino is a mutant with the ability to subliminally and psionically initiate random telekinetic acts that affect probability in her favor by making improbable (but not impossible) things to occur within her line of sight, thus causing her to have ‘good luck’ and her opponents to have ‘bad luck.'”

“This unconsciously controlled talent is triggered when she is in a stressful situation (such as fighting or escaping). This effect constantly emanates from her body at all times and is completely subconscious.”

Her powers may be wonky, but her fighting skills are impressively well-honed.

“Domino is extensively trained in various armed and unarmed combat techniques, as well as in covert operations. She is a superb markswoman, athlete, and swimmer, and is adept in the use of explosives.”

See her out-there personality shine on June 1, 2018, when Deadpool 2 hits theaters.