Early Reviews Say ‘Deadpool 2’ Even Better Than Original, Has Killer Post-Credits Scene

“It earns the hell out of that R rating.”

Deadpool Promo

It looks like Ryan Reynolds has made movie magic again playing his foulmouthed, murderous antihero in Deadpool 2. 

Following its near-perfect test screenings, the first reactions to the much-anticipated sequel have been overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer boldly claimed that it’s better than Avengers: Infinity War, which recently set the record for the most profitable box office opening ever when it raked in a staggering $630 million.


Without revealing spoilers, others lauded its R-rated qualities and what is apparently a side-splitting post-credits scene.  


More people yet praised its witty writing as an improvement over the original Deadpool.  Check out choice tweets below: 




Of course, a couple of movie snobs tweeted scathing opinions, but these negative mini-reviews are few and far between.

In conclusion, we should all probably get our asses to the nearest Deadpool 2 screening ASAP. 

h/t: Uproxx