‘John Wick’ Director Is The Frontrunner To Helm ‘Deadpool 2’

Maybe these two will join forces…

John Wick Deadpool split

John Wick director David Leitch clearly has an eye for action. It seems only natural that he would be in the running for directing Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2—And apparently, since the departure of original Deadpool director Tim Miller over disagreements with Reynolds, Leitch is definitely the top replacement choice in the crosshairs, reports Mashable. (Looks like those geeked-out fans who launched a Change.org petition to draft Quentin Tarantino are out of luck.)

Mashable cited sources familiar with what’s happening in production for the next movie about Marvel’s raunchiest superhero. It’s not just Leitch’s sterling credentials from Wick, either:

[Ryan] Reynolds’ agency, WME, has been pushing the star (and the studio) to hire one of its own clients, and Leitch is at the top of that list, though one individual told Mashable that several other directors remain in the mix. There doesn’t appear to be an official offer on the table yet, but by most accounts, 20th Century Fox has found its man.

Leitch has a long history in stunt work, often performing as a stunt double for Brad Pitt. Wick was his first turn in the director’s chair and it’s already netted him more action work, Mashable reports, including working with Chris Pratt in the Jurassic World star’s upcoming Cowboy Ninja Viking

John Wick was a thoroughly original action flick with an unmistakable style, and Deadpool is one of the most unique and fascinating characters in the Marvel canon. If Leitch gets the nod, Deadpool 2 could be seriously next-level good.

Hopefully with an additional dose of Wick-style gun-fu.

h/t Mashable