DeAndre Jordan Bricks Free Throw vs. Lakers

Don’t worry, the Lakers still lost.

Don’t worry, the Lakers still lost.

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is widely regarded as one of the NBA’s worst free-throw shooters, but the young man may have hit rock bottom Thursday night.

Facing off against the rival Los Angeles Lakers in front of national audience on TNT, Jordan stepped to the line for two free throws midway through the second quarter. The result on the initial attempt was one of the more pitiful free-throw attempts you’ll see this season.

As you can see in the video above, Jordan’s shot missed the rim by a country mile, clanking off the bottom of the backboard before mercifully falling to the ground. In a joking conversation after the attempt, TNT’s Marv Albert tried to justify Jordan’s miss by saying, “There is a breeze, someone must have left the door open.”

Sorry to say this, DeAndre, but only hurricane-force winds could have that kind of effect.

Troubles at the line are nothing new for the Clippers center. He is a career 43.7 percent shooter from the charity stripe and hasn’t showed any signs of improvement thus far in 2012-13. Heading into Thursday night’s game, Jordan was shooting a paltry 42.7 percent from the line, which would be a league-worst rate if he had enough attempts to qualify.

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