This Death Star Waffle Iron Is Our Favorite Star Wars Product

The Dark Side tastes great.

There have been countless incarnations of the waffle iron, with newfangled contraptions hitting stores year after year. However, that strategy is far too earthbound.

Catering to that key brunching Sith demographic, ThinkGeek has unveiled the ultimate Star Wars product to whet appetites for The Force Awakens: a Death Star-inspired waffle iron. Though it cannot pulverize enemy planets with a single laser, it can make really badass-looking waffles—”golden, delicious waffles, good enough to destroy a planet for.”

The Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker is an out-of-our-universe bargain at just $39.99. This could be why it has been such a hit amongst Star Wars die-hards, who bought out the entire stockpile, causing it to sell out. 

Or was this just the latest tactic of the Rebel Alliance?

Nonetheless, there is a new hope: ThinkGeek will strike back and begin selling again in February 2016 once they have replenished their supply.

Photos by ThinkGeek