The ‘Death Wish’ Remake Starring Bruce Willis Has a Gun-Toting New Trailer That Looks Awesome

How does Bruce stack up against Bronson?

Death Wish, the 1974 vigilante classic starring Charles Bronson as a New York architect who wages a one-man war on crime after his wife is murdered by street thugs, is getting a remake, and the first trailer is sure to get you all fired up.

Starring Bruce Willis as the family man-turned-vengeful crimefighter (now based on the mean streets of Chicago) and directed by Hostel filmmaker Eli Roth, the trailer shows the bald action icon preparing to avenge his dead wife to the badass beat of AC/DC’s “Back in Black.”

“If a man really wants to protect what’s his, he has to do it for himself,” a voice intones as Willis shops for a gun and “Back in Black” kicks in. Awwww, shit. It’s about to go down.

Uproxx has more details:

Following a Chicago radio show’s discussion of viral videos featuring Willis’ masked vigilante gunning down a criminal, the two-minute preview briefly recounts his character’s downward spiral.  

Paul Kersey’s (Willis) wife and daughter are attacked during a home invasion, leaving the former (Elisabeth Shue) dead and the latter (Camila Morrone) hospitalized. When the lead detective (Dean Norris) assigned to the case reveals they haven’t made much leeway, Kersey — a presumably non-action oriented individual — purchases a gun and tracks down his wife’s killers.

Whether the remake succeeds well enough to guarantee as many sequels as the original remains to be seen. Yet Death Wish‘s relocation from New York to Chicago, which is plagued with violent, gun-related crime, will surely be a talking point when it hits theaters November 22nd.

No word on whether Jeff Goldblum will reprise his role as a grocery-loving street thug when Death Wish hits theaters on November 22.