Demi Lovato Shuts Down Trolls With Epic Twitter Smackdown

Get a life, haters.


Demi Lovato has about had it with Internet trolls attacking her for a possibly fictional feud with Nicki Minaj — and who can blame her?

Lovato and Minaj were photographed together, along with fashion designer Jeremy Scott, at the glitzy Met Gala earlier this week. Minaj, who appeared to be giving a bit of side-eye to Lovato, later posted the photo to social media, tagging only Scott.

Lovato responded on snapchat with a seemingly lighthearted dig: “When you aren’t mentioned in a post but didn’t do s–t to the person.” Later, she captioned the Met Gala photo with “This picture pretty much summed up my first and probably last [M]et,” adding the hashtag #whatsgood. 

This was apparently enough for an idle public to assume she and Minaj were feuding, and Lovato quickly faced a barrage of Internet harassment from folks taking one side or another. 

Late Wednesday night, she addressed her trolls in what a lot of the celebrity gossip mags have been as a “rant,” but it really was just a series of fairly levelheaded tweets advising people to mind their own business and stop making assumptions about the lives of strangers. Seems pretty reasonable to us!

Lovato hasn’t been on Twitter since the last tweet, but we’re guessing she’ll be back after what sounds like a much-needed break.