Demi Lovato Takes a “Favorite Dish” Question a Bit Too Literally

The pop star can wear the hell out of leather corset, but she can’t answer a simple question.

Press junkets are tough. Celebrities must appear poised and jaunty, all the while fielding repetitive and oftentimes invasive questions. It’s a difficult skill Demi Lovato doesn’t seem to have mastered.

While chatting with a reporter from a Berlin-based radio station about her forthcoming album, the bi-curious Disney vet was asked a rather straightforward question: “What is your favorite dish?” Demi pauses to formulate a media-tailored answer. Pasta. Sushi. Chicken nuggets, maybe.

Demi keeps her cool-for-the-summer countenance but, alas, seems to have taken the question a bit too literally. “I like mugs, because they’re very comfortable in your hand, and they hold hot things that you don’t like to touch, so like coffee or hot tea.” Sad….

We get it. Americans say “food” whereas a German might translate it to “dish.” And yes, mugs are great, and hot tea is hot, but Demi… you’ve got to get it together! You have the hottest club banger of the summer and can wear the hell out of a leather corset. Don’t let some press-junket gaffe stand between you and world domination.