Dennis Rodman Is Being Sent To North Korea. We’re All Going To Die.

The “Worm” is visiting a country that wants to destroy us. What could go wrong?

The “Worm” is visiting a country that wants to destroy us. What could go wrong? 

Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ Getty

Considering the crazy rules foreigners are faced with when trying to visit North Korea, it seems completely bizarre that they would welcome an actual crazy foreigner into town. But apparently Kim Jong Un is known to be an NBA fan, specifically a Chicago Bulls fan, and Rodman’s trip is being billed as an attempt at “basketball diplomacy.” Basically, instead of Washington sending in a general and his troops, Vice Media and HBO are sending in the flamboyant former forward and a handful of Harlem Globetrotters. The end goal is a documentary series slated to air in April.

In representing the United States, Rodman’s duties will include touring national monuments, visiting an animation studio, running a basketball camp for local kids, and even sitting down with the big-little man Kim Jong Un himself.  What it probably won’t involve: “maybe running into that Gangnam Style dude,” as Rodman wrote on his Twitter, considering that that dude – Psy – is from South Korea, which just goes to show how much Rodman knows about politics. But come on, do you really expect a guy who once claimed he was bisexual and tried to marry himself to differentiate between Koreas?

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