Denzel Washington Is Out For Sweet Revenge in Antoine Fuqua’s Gritty ‘The Equalizer 2’

Watch the intense first trailer here.

The Equalizer
Columbia Pictures

In The Equalizer we were introduced to a very different government assassin from the classy Englishman who starred in the original late ’80s TV show. Denzel Washington brought us Robert McCall, a calm, cool, collected lethal weapon of a man.

He’s back and directed again by Antoine Fuqua in The Equalizer 2, and McCall is still a vengeful badass — because this time, yes, it’s personal.

He says “They killed my friend” in the trailer, and it looks like he’s referring to his fellow long-time operative played by Melissa Leo. And he’s ready to destroy, as he says he’s “going to kill each and every one of them.” He’d do it twice if he could.

The Equalizer also makes it clear: He’s not going to war against his targets, “They’re going to war with me.” 

Here’s the only synopsis available: “Robert McCall returns to deliver his special brand of vigilante justice.” That could mean a lot of things, but the trailer helps to fill it in.

The first movie did well at the box office—a high caliber star like Washington in an action role adds some real weight missing from other, similar movies—so it’s easy to believe this one will do great.

We’ll find out when it hits theaters on August 3rd.