Meet the Woman At the Center of a Sordid NBA Love Triangle

You now Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher, but do you know Gloria Govan?

Perhaps you were a religious viewer of Basketball Wives and you’re already familiar with Gloria Govan, the woman at the center of a spectacular NBA love triangle that saw Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes drive 95 miles to give New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher a beatdown. We bet you’re probably not, though.

Time to change that.

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Govan is, as mentioned, most famous for her part in the first season of Basketball Wives and the subsequent spin off Basketball Wives L.A.. Her marriage to Barnes made her eligible for the show, buy their on-again, off-again relationship veered into the off-again mode in 2014 when the two divorced.

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Now, Govan is reportedly dating Laker legend and Knicks head coach Derek Fisher, and Barnes a former teammate of Fisher’s, is not pleased with this. On Saturday, he registered that displeasure by driving nearly 100 miles to Marina del Rey, California, and handing Fisher a beatdown. Color us unsurprised: Barnes is a notorious hot head who’s got six inches and 35 pounds on Fisher. For what it’s worth, he says he was just going to check on his sons.

Now, back to Govan, who grew up in Oakland, California. She may be best known for who she’s married to, but she’s no DNB herself. Hell, she wrote a cook book! And other than that, well, she’s a basketball wife.

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