MLB Pitcher Derek Holland Flirts With Lindsey Pelas on Twitter and It's Hilarious

Baseball's goofiest-looking dude can't stop, won't stop macking on this Instagram babe.
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Texas Rangers lefty Derek Holland didn’t have a very good season and it’s looking ever more likely that his team will leave him behind when the postseason begins. But the man with baseball’s worst mustache isn’t letting it get to him. Instead, he’s out there hitting on a woman waaaaaaaay out of his league.

His target? Instagram model Lindsey Pelas. His technique? Casual flirting. Watch how he works.

Some fans ripped Holland after this, telling him he should be focused on baseball and that he’s got no chance with Pelas. They might be right. Holland is a goofy looking dude (see above!) but he’s also self-aware (see his Twitter profile pic).

Ladies love a guy with a sense of humor and as Pelas says in the Tweet above, she’s always been a class clown. Sounds like a perfect match, even if Holland looks like a 13-year-old and Pelas looks like this: 

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