Here’s Everything You Need to Know About ‘Destiny 2’ and its Powerhouse New Forsaken Expansion

The Gambit puts every Battle Royale game to shame.

Destiny 2 arrived last year with a huge splash. The sequel to the original blockbuster game was a breath of fresh air, pulling in guardians for a second time with a beefed up story, new loot and an entirely new take on raid content. 

Two middling expansions to the game fell flat—and caused huge outcries on social media. Today, Destiny 2 enters its second year with the Forsaken DLC and, like Destiny 1’s The Taken King expansion, D2’s Y2 is set up to make Destiny 2 the game we all wanted originally.

New Weapons and Armor

Credit: Activision

Both Destiny games have garnered huge communities that return to the game on the regular because of a need to covet all the loot scattered throughout the game. The Forsaken is chock full of sick exotics the entire player base will be pining to snag, from dual-rocket launchers to gauntlets that deflect incoming fire to the entirely new bow and arrow category. 

Bungie is also retooling the way we equip weapons with a major overhaul of weapon slots that promises to be a return to form and make loadouts infinitely more deadly. We may never see another Gjallarhorn but, if we were going to, it’d likely be buried somewhere inside the Forsaken update.

New Locations

Credit: Activision

Destiny has already fleshed out a lot of the galaxy so we’re not entirely surprised that Forsaken isn’t adding a new planet and opting for punching out some of the gorgeous, dangerous and loot filled worlds we already know instead. The return to The Reef, a destination not seen since D1, will be the setting for much of Forsaken’s newest adventure.

Test Your Skills in The Gambit

Credit: Activision

After demos at E3 and a widespread test run earlier this week, it’s clear that players like the hybrid PvEvP (person vs environment vs person) game mode, Gambit. Everyone else can have their battle royale style games, Bungie is truly innovating here. 

The ironclad gunplay in Destiny mixes perfectly to blend elements of fighting every enemy in the Destiny universe as an entry fee to then take on your fellow guardians. The action is constant, the enemies are formidable and the payoffs are going to be huge. Expect Gambit not to just become a huge component of the Destiny community now that Forsaken has arrived but also to see its influence in the wider video game world too.

Raid It Up

Credit: Activision

Destiny’s end-game content is some of the best in all of video games, simultaneously giving players a reason to play everything that comes before it in their quest to be prepared for raiding and also rewarding players with the best content in the game for completing these challenging and intricate tasks. 

Destiny 2’s raids, up until this point, have all been based on a playing through a single galactic location, albeit in many, many different ways. The labyrinthine Leviathan ship that’s played host to all previous raids is finally taking a backseat as the new raid. Dubbed The Last Wish, this raid will be hosted in an entirely new location. That means tons of new secrets to discover, nooks to find and loot to unearth. With the Forsaken expansion officially dropping Tuesday, you’re now on the clock to get your guardian up to snuff because The Last Wish unlocks this Friday.

Get Ready Guardians

Credit: Activision

Bungie’s not without its faults but it’s undeniable that they have their thumb on the pulse of the community and the Forsaken expansion is the culmination of the studio’s excellent developers taking into account their community’s most loving players and most outspoken critics. 

The future of Destiny as a franchise hinges on this expansion and Bungie knows it. The pressure is on and the stakes are high and, from everything we’ve seen first hand, Forsaken is the best reason we’ve seen since Destiny 2’s launch to commit to the game again. 

With more expansions planned for the entirety of year 2—Black Armory in Winter, Joker’s Wild in Spring and Penumbra in summer—Destiny 2 is ready to compete with the rest of the blockbuster games scheduled for the rest of 2018 and beyond. (Buy