WATCH: This Devastating Knock-Out Is the Best of the Year

Or the worst, depending on your perspective. 

Danny O’Connor waited more than four years to take another shot at Gabriel Bracero, the welterweight boxer who handed him his first loss in 2011. The rematch came on Friday night and as O’Connor stepped into the ring in front of a vocal crowd of fellow Mass-holes, the significance of that first fight was obvious. Largely because O’Connor has its date and Bracero’s name tattooed on his arm, a reminder of the defeat he was out to avenge.

But for O’Connor, things didn’t go quite as planned. Not even a full minute of the fight elapsed before he was out cold on the mat, his right leg bent behind him. He was the victim of what’s being called the knockout of the year. Bracero, who’s not known as much of a puncher, landed a thundering right hook to O’Conner’s nasty beard collapsing him like a bouncy house at the end of a birthday party.

This was a devastating loss for O’Connor for a host of reasons. The hometown crowd, the build-up, the failed attempt at revenge. But worst of all, it led to his image being splashed all around the internet while he’s sporting that horrific dog turd on the top of his head. That’s the most embarrassing part of all of this.