Diamond Dallas Page Wants You To Try DDP Yoga

We asked the wrestling superstar the same 10 questions we always ask everyone! He still talked about yoga.

You’re probably most familiar with Diamond Dallas Page for his time as a wrestling main attraction, self-high fiving and dropping the Diamond Cutter in arenas all over the world. Now, however, he’s discovered yoga, and he wants to tell you all about it. And are you going to tell DDP not to talk about yoga if he wants to? Because we certainly aren’t.

So Dallas, how did you get into yoga?

Necessity, haha! The only reason yoga is even in my vocabulary is because I blew my back out when I was 42 – I was in a tag match, thank God, ‘cause when I took Kevin Nash’s power bomb, I crawled to my buddy Chris Candace, saying, “Don’t tag me back, bro, I think I broke my back!” I had three doctors say my career was over. I’d just signed a three-year, multimillion dollar deal, so I’d pretty much do anything. I was introduced to yoga by my former wife. I was like, it’s yoga, I’m not doing that. She says, “How can a guy who will try anything be faced with a career ending injury, and you won’t even try it? You’re going to be that much of a meathead?” I started to mix the yoga with the rehab and then I added the old school calisthenics and then dynamic resistance. In less than three months I was back in the ring.

So what’s the difference between normal yoga and your DDP Yoga?

First and foremost it’s in the attitude, but it ain’t your mama’s yoga attitude. Technically it would definitely be dynamic resistance: Most yogis are very smooth and it’s all reaching your arms to the heavens and the universe will smile back at them – mine ain’t that. It’s all about dynamic resistance: Flexing your muscles as you move from one position into another. It jacks your heart rate up and gets you burning fat from literally standing still – there’s no other workout that does that. I’m nearly 57 and I can do 50 Superman push-ups! It’s kickass cardio plus flexibility and core strength conditioning, while still being a zero impact workout. If you look at probably the top three workouts – P90X, Insanity, and CrossFit – they all beat the hell out of your body.

What about Zumba?

Haha! I’ve never really done that. I’m still a guy who wouldn’t be caught dead doing Zumba, you know what I’m saying?

So there’s no chance that we’ll be having this conversation again in 10 years, only now you’ll be addicted to Colombian dance workouts?

Oh God… You know what, maybe, because there are so many hot women in that class!

You’ve wrestled a hell of a lot of people. Who was your favorite guy to have a match with?

Macho Man Randy Savage. That was the guy who really put me on the map when I hit him with the Diamond Cutter at Spring Stampede. We had a feud that was in 1997 which was really, really, really cool. He was amazing and he was so real, too. I guarantee you that I would see at least one or two big blue flashes when he hit me!

Where did you come up with the idea for the self-high five?

I was just trying to be the heel! Trying to get people to go, “That guy needs his ass beat”.

Do you have a favorite current take on your classic finishing move, the Diamond Cutter?

Randy Orton’s RKO. I want to see the RKO against the Diamond Cutter – that would bring people back.


What was the last thing you had to apologize for?

The honest answer is, I can’t tell you!

What’s your favorite curse word?

Fuck. I could probably be talking about a cute little kitten and still say “fuck” twice a sentence. “How the fuck do you want this beautiful fucking kitten, oh my God!”

What’s the worst hangover you’ve ever had?

One night I started off drinking wine, then it went to beer, because they didn’t have any good wine at the bar and then it shifted over. This was before I even knew how bad energy drinks were for you, and I was taking Red Bull and mixing it with vodka, a splash of OJ, and triple sec. Then I started drinking shooters of Jägermeister. I think I was 45 at the time – that hangover was like, sick to my stomach, it was burning so bad I felt I wanted to turn it inside out. I was in bed for two days! I can’t look at Jägermeister still.

Ouch. What was your first car?

My first car was a 1964 mint condition Impala – I was 17 and my mom got it for me, because her boyfriend owned a car dealership. It was pristine. I was 17, though – I destroyed that car by the time I was 19. One of my buddies came at me: We used to play chicken and he didn’t swerve, it was like he put a can opener on that thing. I was so pissed.

Do you have a scar that tells a story?

I got a lot of them! The one that’s over my knee is more prominent, where I walked out and got hit by a car. I was walking backwards, yelling to hold the bus, and I walked out in front of a car – it hit my right knee, my face blew off the hood, and I flew 42 feet from the point of impact. They thought I was going to die. I was laying in the snow and I woke up and – I will never forget this – some chick with bright red hair was saying, “Oh my God, look at his face!” Because my nose was four times the size. And my right knee – this was back when they just sliced you at the hospital, so the scar’s about 12 inches.

Do you have a party trick?

Yeah! My girl always looks at me like, oh God, you’re not going to do it, are you? I start by saying, “You wanna see how strong I am right now?” And while I’m sitting there with a cocktail in my hand, I take my left foot and pull it over my head and have a conversation with you. That’s core strength – thanks to DDP Yoga!

So do you wear stretchy pants when you go out, just in case?

No, I wear tight jeans, that makes it even more impressive!

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

That’s a good one. I don’t remember her name, but it was about a size 44 double D!

What’s the one thing to remember in a fist fight?


Who was the last person to see you naked?

Oh God… um, again, I can’t tell you that, haha!

Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world for a day, I would…

Bring peace. I know that’s a little different to the 44 double D, but it’s the truth!

Check out DDP’s own brand of yoga at www.DDPYOGA.com, or hit him up on Twitter at @DDPYOGA

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