Once You Die in This Video Game, You Can Never Play It Again

Upsilon Circuit seriously raises the stakes. 

Dying in video games is usually no big deal. You resurrect and go about your business, you die again, unless you’re playing a game like strategy role-playing game Fire Emblem, where death can be permanent. But you can still play the game again. That’s why the upcoming Upsilon Circuit is so intriguing. If you die in this game, even once, you can never play it again.

Upsilon Circuit, an indie title from studio Robot Loves Kitty, seeks to analyze player behavior when the player knows they could potentially be removed from the game at any moment. Look away one time and it’s curtains for you.

Eight players will join in a session at a time while other gamers are free to spectate and help or hinder the combatants. If a player does fall victim to a mistake or an obstacle they just can’t overcome, a random viewer will be pulled into the game themselves. The stakes are high, so the hope is that players will conduct themselves in a much more cautious manner so as not to lose their playing privileges permanently.

Talk about devious. Upsilon Circuit has yet to receive a concrete release date, but it’s coming up on the horizon. Better sharpen up those gaming skills if you don’t want to permanently be erased.