Dinosaurs Destroy Everything in the New “Jurassic World” Trailer

We finally get extended facetime with the prehistoric beasts.

We’ve seen two separate short trailers for “Jurassic World” so far,  and they’d both been softly setting the scene, introducing us to Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, and teasing the idea of deadly dinosaurs without showing any extended havoc. But this trailer goes full throttle. “Jurassic World” is flooded with dinosaurs, and when their latest innovation, a startlingly intelligent (not to mention totally massive and bloodthirsty) dino goes free, all hell breaks loose.

We see dinosaurs terrifying children:

Snapping up animal prey:

Snapping up human prey:

Riding dirty with Chris Pratt:

And generally fucking shit up:

The world is open on June 12th.