Disney’s Star Wars Land Is Already Mind Blowing

The Mouse drops a bomb at its D23 Expo.

If was as millions of voices suddenly cried out in ecstasy and started booking tickets to Anaheim…. At Disney’s D23 Expo on Saturday in the Anaheim Convention Center, the company announced its plans to create Star Wars Land, an ambitious project that will tack 14 acres onto Disney Land, one of the largest park expansions in Disney history. Another park will rise in Orlando, adjacent to Disney World.

Remember when Disney acquired Star Wars and everybody got so irate? We were so wrong. 

Star Wars Land will feature everything a visitor might expect: costume characters, restaurants, shops and feature attractions. SlashFilm reports it will be “a wholly in-character experience, with alien servers and workers at all parts of the attraction, including a Cantina.” One of the attractions will put fans inside the Millennium Falcon. Holy shit.

ComicBook.com quoted Disney president Bob Iger, who said, “Every restaurant, building, everything will be inhabited by the aliens and droids you’d expect to find there. You’d expect to find a Cantina – and there will be one. You’ll have the chance to run into all the droids and fantastic beasts that Star Wars is known for.” Iger went on to say visitors would also meet “characters from The Force Awakens and more from the Star Wars saga.”

Disney published the concept art for Star Wars Land on its official Twitter account and there’s no being laid-back about it, it looks amazing. Then again, we already feel kind of bad in advance for the poor sucker walking around in the Jar Jar Binks costume.

Photos by Disney Corp