Dive Talkin’!

Jump into the philosophically deep BioShock 2.

The mega-anticipated BioShock 2 returns gamers to the underwater paradise turned hell known as Rapture. An Atlantis meets Wall Street built on free-market philosophy, Rapture is guarded by Jacques Cousteau’s worst nightmare, the Big Daddy [see above]. In this sequel, first person shooter fans will wrestle with collectivism and other heavy issues…all while smacking the sophistry out of enemies with new weapons and plasmids (superpowers like hand-fired lightning). And this time you are one of the Big Dad–dies fighting for good instead of evil. Guard the genetically engi-neered Little Sisters as they harvest Adam (the city’s currency), and wear the diving suit you once feared. Just don’t ask us how you can take a dump in that thing.

BioShock 2 comes out today, February 9.