DJ Earworm Gives The People What They Want

All the songs you loved smashed together into a big pile of still-relevant awesome.

Obsessed with the Billboard charts since childhood, DJ Earworm (real name Jordan Roseman) is best known for his year-end mash-ups. Combining the year’s most popular hit songs to create one infectious beat, Earworm delivers an annual uptempo State of the Unions, which he dubs the “United States of Pop.” The DJ’s breakout mash-up was released in 2009 and garnered close to 45 million YouTube views. This year’s 2014 edition, dubbed “Do What You Wanna Do,” brings together the sounds of Maroon 5, Tov Lo, Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Hozier, Taylor Swift, Pharell Williams, John Legend and – somehow – many, many more. Here’s a crazy prediction: a lot of people will watch it.

And, yes, he edited the video as well. He’s a one-man internet band – or whatever.

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