DJ Kevin Wang Creates The Best Drop-Parody SoundCloud Playlist Ever

Get ready to pump your fists like you’ve never pumped them before!

These days, EDM (electronic dance music) is pretty much all about the “drop,” when a song builds and builds and builds until…boom!EDM concerts now mostly consist of neon-dressed teenagers – high on Sally or Susie or Mary or whatever female-named drug the kids are doing – listlessly standing around until one of these drops. The concert explodes for a few minutes…and then it’s back to standing around questioning your life choices until the next song. Unless a track is pumping wubs directly into brain pans, audiences and promoters don’t want to hear it.

In short, it’s pretty terrible.

Well, DJ in repose Kevin Wang says no more! He’s cobbled together a custom -crafted playlist (below) featuring the crushingest, fist-pumpingist, gerundiest drops of all time. Well, actually, instead of a sick bass line each song drops to such hilarious samples as “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

“I started Best Drops Ever as a commentary on a predominant EDM culture that’s become one-dimensionally about the drop, for both audiences and DJs,” says Wang. “The name ‘Best Drops Ever’ actually comes from the common titles of music blog posts and YouTube compilations that aggregate the sickest, most disgusting drops out there.”

Not that the “Drop” is altogether awful. Wang notes, “I should clarify – I’m not against drops in general. They’re essential and loads of fun for both the DJ and the audience. What I’m against is this belief that a dance track’s quality and enjoyment level is measured by the epicness of its drop, and that DJ sets should be built around them and giving the crowd what they want instead of being about challenging and surprising the listener in intelligent and delightful ways.”

But it can’t ever get any more delightful than this

Photos by Photo: Caesar Sebastian