DJ Khaled Is Weight Watchers’ Newest Celebrity Spokesperson

The roly-poly rapper/producer has already lost 20 pounds.

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Unless a male celebrity plays a superhero in a movie or sings with a boy band, fans cut famous dudes a ton of slack about their weight. It’s not fair compared to the way women in the spotlight get noticed if they add a pound or two, but it’s just a fact of life.

DJ Khaled is a big man, but it’s never been an issue among fans or criticsโ€”if the famously likable rapper, mega-producer and co-host of new Fox singing show The Four even has any critics. Khaled apparently decided on he needed to do something, so he’s become a brand ambassador for Weight Watchers (WW).

One of the most durable weight loss brands on the market, Weight Watchers has kept up with the times in the celebs they attach to their brand. One of their biggest names, Oprah Winfrey, even welcomed Khaled in a tweet.

Khaled is specifically in on Weight Watchers’ “Freestyle” brand. The company says it’s their “simplest, most flexible Weight Watchers program” and it’s “based on scienceโ€”you’ll lose weight and have total freedom with your food choices.”

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Khaled says he’s already lost 20 lbs and ready to keep going.ย 

If more proof is needed that DJ Khaled is a great choice for WW, Inc reports that the company’s stock has rocketed upwards since bringing him on as a spokesman.ย 

Here’s the thing: losing weight is pretty tough. It’s even tougher if you’re working a job and just trying to live your life, be there for family and friends. But for some, it can mean the difference between hypertension and normal blood pressure, or keeping other health problems like diabetes under control.ย 

DJ Khaled’s positive public persona means he could inspire many more people concerned about their weight to try and trim down. That’d be completely on-brand for a man who works hard to inspire his fans.