DMX Did the First Thing Any Man Would Do Upon Getting Out of Prison

No, it wasn’t sex.

Last we heard from DMX, he was in prison for failure to pay a reported $400,000 dollars in child support. The rapper has since gotten out as part of an early release program, and he used a portion of his new found freedom doing the same thing any other red-blooded man would do: making omelettes.

Not only did DMX make said omelettes, but he did so at an IHOP outside of Buffalo, NY with such earnest enthusiasm that people were like “wait, does DMX work at IHOP now?”

According to TMZ, DMX was there to meet his manager and after the meal wanted to meet the cooks who made it before serving up some eggy realness to unsuspecting diners.

If you’re headed to IHOP with a hankering for an omelette, brace yourself: X gon’ give it to ya!

Photos by Mark Davis / Getty Images