“Doctor Who” Fans May Be Getting The Sweariest Doctor Ever With Peter Capaldi

The BBC announced who’s playing the 12th Doctor last night, and In The Loop fans may be surprised.

Photo by Andy Paradise / BBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

If you watch the excellent Veep on HBO, you might be familiar with the original British version of the show, the hysterically, painfully funny The Thick Of It. A viciously unapologetic political comedy that followed a hapless U.K. minister and a few of his aides, the breakout star of the show was Peter Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker, the Prime Minister’s venomous, foul-mouthed, and terrifying spin doctor, based – apparently pretty convincingly – on Tony Blair’s Director Of Communications, Alistair Campbell. This is a man who could curse for his country, as the delightfully offensive compilation below shows:

In news that’s sure to delight longtime fans (and even better, frustrate the tween girl fan-base the show’s been growing in recent years), Capaldi was announced as the 12th incarnation of the Doctor last night. The choice seems like a solid one to us – as much as we’ve enjoyed Matt Smith, another young, manic pretty boy would’ve been too much – and we’re hoping that some of Tucker’s blistering dialogue makes it into the show, even if it has to be translated into an alien language for the sake of the children. Frankly, we’re praying to God that his first new companion will be invited into the Tardis with the immortal words, “Come the fuck in, or fuck the fuck off.” And if the BBC want to make the below fan-made trailer a reality? Well, that’s fine with us.

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