The Dodgers’ Dancing Bear: The Latest In A Long Tradition Of Outfield Crazies

For some fans, getting arrested, Tasered, or flattened is a small price to pay for getting a little airtime at a major sporting event.

The Dodgers’ dancing bear mascot was doing a great job whipping the crowd into a frenzy last night at Game 3 of the NLCS. Until one of the security guards finally realized: Wait, we don’t have a dancing bear mascot! Whereupon, the faux mascot was escorted out by security (don’t worry, Fozzie, the Dodgers won). Here are few more notably dumb or daring field invasions.

The Great Escape

In his crowning moment of daring and athleticism, failed major league wannabe Stephen F. Crabtree jumped the center field wall at Minute Maid Park in Houston in 2011, then somehow mounted two levels of the center field bleachers to escape security. Crabtree was finally caught and charged with criminal trespass. On the plus side, he was subsequently invited by Bono to try out for a part in

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

Not really.

All The President’s Women

For even the most single-minded golf fan, this month’s dreary, one-sided, rain-delayed Presidents Cup golf tournament was utterly


. Then 23-year-old waif Kimberly Webster, clad in nothing but a thong and some patriotic pasties, sprinted around the



fairway, waking up virtually everybody around, including the golfers. Authorities, not knowing what to do besides say thank you, issued her a small summons and asked her to leave on her own accord.

Shock To The System

A towel-waving fan got onto the outfield of Citizens Bank Park during a Phillies-Cardinals game in 2010 and, displaying some sweet jukes and cutbacks, eluded security for about a half-minute before a


blast to the noggin left him


, while the Phillies outfield enjoyed a break from standing around waiting between pitches.

Brett Favre’s Tackle

At a 2005 game between Cincinnati and Green Bay, a fan drew a whistle by running out onto the field, then took advantage of the stoppage in play to pickpocket Brett Favre of the ball. He nearly made it all the way to the house before a nose-tackle-size security guard skillfully decked him with a text-book-quality stick to the midsection.

Happy Landings

Actor Michael Sergio has something in common with Bill


: He’ll forever be associated with Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Wearing a “Let’s Go Mets” banner, he


onto the field. Sergio’s acting career never panned out, but he demonstrated easily the coolest way ever to get into a Series game without a ticket.