Dolph Lundgren Is Back as Ivan Drago in ‘Creed 2’, And It Sure Looks Like He’s Regaining His Apollo-Killing Physique

He will break you.

Dolph Lundgren
Left: Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone all but officially confirmed the Dolph Lundgren will reprise his role from Rocky IV as Ivan Drago in the upcoming Creed sequel with a series of Instagram posts. 

But recently, the Swedish-born actor dropped a workout clip that only adds to the already-overwhelming amount of evidence that we’ll definitely be seeing the Russian power puncher back in the ring.

As if the image of him obliterating sparring pads wasn’t obvious enough, he also captioned the post, “Getting ready for something big! 👊 @officialslystallone#Creed2 #IvanDrago.” 

Plus, he and Sly both posted this.

Lundgren’s posts came after Stallone dropped his trail of Drago breadcrumbs. Here’s another look, in case you missed them the first time around.

If all the Rocky hype on these action stars’ Instagram feeds is making your head spin, give yourself a break with this pic Lundgren’s gorgeous 20-year-old daughter, whom he clearly passed his Viking genetics on to.

h/t: BroBible