Don Draper Owns the ’70s in New Mad Men Teaser

The final episodes promise some questionable fashion choices. 

The first teaser trailer (really, a glorified PowerPoint presentation) for the final Mad Men episodes is here, and the stylistic choices place the cast firmly in the ‘70s. Set to Diana Ross’s “Love Hangover,” the trailer shows a bloated-looking Pete not-so-subtly checking out Peggy, Sally and Betty lounging around elegantly, and Megan preening and posing in cotton-candy pink monstrosities. Stan’s beard has grown even more lush and Roger’s still a silver fox clutching a martini glass, while Don continues to look uncomfortably troubled – and dare we say constipated?

With a teaser trailer titled “The Party’s Over,” who can blame him?,AAAAAAuyCbQ~,-gfAmfm8njJ8S-9E4q2UfzG931rvkxuP&bctid=4066626109001