Donald Trump Will Host Saturday Night Live

Make SNL great again?

We’re a little over a year from the 2016 election, so it’s that time in the election cycle when candidates are doing fun things like appearing on television and saying every single thing that pops into their head, no matter how insane it sounds.

Hillary Clinton appeared on SNL for a sketch a couple of weeks back, and now Donald Trump will be making his mark on 30 Rock. NBC News is reporting that the Donald will be hosting the November 7th episode, along with musical guest Sia. Here’s hoping they both put on nude bodysuits and recreate the “Elastic Heart” video. 

Trump has hosted the show once before, in 2004, according to NBC News. His opening monologue included a joke about his show The Apprentice: “After just one season, I am about to become the highest-paid television personality in America. And as everyone in this room knows, ‘highest-paid’ means ‘best.’” Nice to know that some things never really change.

Photos by Isaac Brekken / Getty Images