Donald Trump Gets Fake Heckled By Famous Comedy Writer on SNL

We didn’t see this one coming.

It’s a wonder Donald Trump made it through last night’s SNL unscathed. There were widespread calls to disinvite the Donald for his rhetoric concerning Latinos, and audience members were met with the ire of protestors outside 30 Rock. However, when the Trumpster took the stage for his opening monologue, things went pretty par for the course.

That is, until someone yelled, “You’re a racist!” near the end of his set.

Audience members winced and giggled uneasily, but many probably saw it coming. The group Deport Racism had publicly offered $5,000 in cash to anyone who would heckle Trump during his hosting gig, and it seemed even Mr. Trump expected some hijinks. “I knew this was gonna happen. Who is that?” asked Trump, glaring at the audience.

Surprisingly, the camera panned to comedian Larry David, who had made an appearance as Bernie Sanders in the opening sketch. When Trump asked what was up, David deadpanned, “I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000.”

Trump quipped, “As a businessman, I can fully respect that.”

It was a carefully calculated response to all the hoopla regarding Trump’s hosting turn, and SNL later tweeted out the moment.

Larry David couldn’t miss this opportunity. #SNL

— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) November 8, 2015

According to a Sunday report from Rolling Stone,’s Luke Montgomery said David will be paid for the stunt, and will receive a “Deport Racism” t-shirt in the bargain. Montgomery told RS, “Larry David is our hero.”

Critics found the rest of the episode pretty vanilla, and Trump by and large played things safe. But the night did bless us with this GIF of Trump aping Drake’s dancing in Hotline Bling as an uncoordinated taxman.

This election will be won in GIFs.