Is “Donkey Me” The Greatest Nerdy Video Game Of All Time?

We’re going with “almost certainly yes.”

If there are three things the Internet loves, it’s classic video games, movie nostalgia, and mash-ups. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present Donkey Me, the game that’s going to break the Internet:

The game itself is obviously just classic Donkey Kong, but it’s the array of alternative skins that makes this so completely irresistible. Rather than Mario, players can take control of Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Ellen Ripley (from Aliens), Jack Burton (from Big Trouble In Little China), Rambo, Flash Gordon, Quaid (Arnie’s character in Total Recall), or Conan the Barbarian. It’s not just the characters that change, though – each character gets its own unique background and enemies, so you’ll see Indy leaping rolling boulders while trying to reach various MacGuffins, or Rambo trying to rescue POWs while evading evil Commie goons. Made with an obvious amount of love by independent game designer Bruno R. Marcos, it’s the most adorably geeky thing we’ve seen in some time. And we’ve seen Maxim editor in chief Dan Bova’s penis dressed as Batman.