Donkey Piss Tequila

Don’t be an ass! Try this stuff!

Once upon a time, a man named Juan Jose Garcia Gomez went on a quest with his donkey. His donkey peed on a mound, revealing a magical bottle of tequila underneath, giving this stuff the amazing name, Donkey Piss Tequila. It was a boozy miracle!

This premium tequila is made from 100% agave and has sweet, rich notes that fill the palate on first sip. It’s fun and bright, exactly how you like your tequila… and donkeys! We enjoy it most on the rocks, but Donkey Piss has their own set of “Kickin’ Cocktails” to try as well.  

We love this golden shower of deliciousness! What’s not to love about a spirit whose motto is “Get pissed with Donkey Piss”?

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