This Female Baseball Fan Expertly Ripped the Dude Who Questioned Her Knowledge of the Game

Don’t be that guy.

Here’s a piece of advice that might seem obvious: When a woman tells you that she likes sports, don’t be a dick about it. Honestly, it’s good practice to not be a dick in general, but sometimes you’ve have to be really specific for some men to understand.

So let’s role play. Imagine a scenario where a woman you’ve connected with on a soulless dating app tells you she likes baseball. Would it be a dick move to question that claim and quiz her knowledge of the game? This dude didn’t think so. 

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Megan Brown, the woman replying to this dummy, didn’t appreciate his implication. Understandable! How annoying would it be for a stranger to assume you’re lying about an interest because the shape of your genitals? This would be like a woman shaming you into naming all of Lorelei’s boyfriends because there’s no way you could be a Gilmore Girls fan (it’s OK, we won’t tell).

Brown deserves credit here for treating this a teachable moment rather than telling the dude to get bent. Also, she passed his dumb quiz. Also, she was funny while doing it.

There’s an important lesson for all men to take from this, beyond the general notion to not be a dick: If you like sports and a woman tells you she likes sports, ask her if she wants to get an overpriced hot dog in the bleachers. Then maybe you’ll end up like these two: