Fat Man Is Fattest Man to Ever Rush for a Touchdown

Congrats, Dontari Poe! Have yourself a celebratory pie. 

Everyone loves an underdog story and in football, there’s no bigger underdog, literally, than a fat man trying to score a touchdown. Slow and plodding, fat men in the NFL are prized more for their ability to fill space or smash heads than burst into the end zone. Occasionally though, a fatty is entrusted with the football.

On Sunday, that fatty was Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe:


With that score, Poe became the largest man in NFL history to score a rushing touchdown. At 346-pounds, he’s 16 pounds heavier than William “Refrigerator” Perry was when he scored two rushing touchdowns for the Bears back in the mid-80s. Waist line truthers insist that Perry was much heavier than that, but we can only go by what the media guides tell us. And today, they tell us that Poe is in the record books.

Believe it or not, he’s only the third fattest man to ever score a touchdown. Two bigger dudes have returned interceptions for scores. Unlike those lugs though, Poe was intentionally given the football. And he punched it right into the end zone, just as he was asked.

Seriously, though, Poe’s touchdown is a glorious victory that seems ripe for a movie treatment. Oh wait…

Photos by Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images