‘Doom’ Is Getting a Major Upgrade

You might want to think about activating God Mode.

You know the seminal first-person shooter Doom. You know how over-the-top and violent it can be. But you haven’t seem Doom quite like this before.

Brutal Doom is a special mod for the PC classic that adds more blood, gibs, and entrails to the already-gory shooter, and it’s free to download via Mod DB. The original Brutal Doom mod has been released for some time now, but there’s a special expansion that just dropped as well. It’s called Hell on Earth, and it adds a swath of new levels that take place in Hell, Mars, and Los Angeles — all pretty similar places, you know — as well as jets, tanks, and UAC Space Marines.

The campaign mode spans thirty different levels with brand new bosses, Nazi levels, and some other gritty surprises that fans of the original game will want to sink their teeth into. There’s plenty here to appreciate even if you played the original game tirelessly. Trust me on that.

Pick up the Starter Pack here, which allows you to play the expansion as a standalone title. It won’t run nearly as nicely, however, than if you were using the commercial Doom 2 release, so you might want to grab a copy of that in order to play Hell on Earth the way it’s meant to be played.

Gear up and get out there, space marines! 

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