Some Users Are Already Able to Try Out the New Doom Reboot

Make sure that BFG is locked and loaded. 

A long-awaited reboot of the seminal first-person shooter Doom is heading to a console and PC near you next year, and publisher Bethesda wants you to get in on the action ahead of schedule.

The Doom multiplayer closed alpha is now open to those who smart enough to have purchased the latest entry in the Wolfenstein series, Wolfenstein: The New Order, before May 26, 2014. Those who’d like to try it out will also have to meet certain other criteria listed on Bethesda’s website.

Once in, players can let loose in a fiery multiplayer map known as “Heatwave,” which you can check out in the video below. It’s set to support 6v6 team battles with six weapons and two different pieces of equipment. Players can alter their loadouts, utilizing items like the Gauss Cannon or the Demon Rune, both of which can cause devastating damage to opponents.

If you’re lucky enough to get in, you’ll be in for a treat. If not, well, you’ve waited 11 years or so — another few months should be manageable. And in the meantime, you’ve always got YouTube.