Doritos May Have Aired the Most Disturbing Ad of Super Bowl 50

They really went there, huh?

Look, Super Bowl commercials are meant to shock on some level or another. They’re the most emotionally manipulative ads of the year, designed to tickle your basest emotional instincts (see: Budweiser’s ad campaigns for the last 10 years) and ensure that you’re talking about their sweet, sweet product around the water cooler (or on your Facebook page) the day after the game.

But in an attempt to make an impression, Doritos walked right up tot he line and maybe, just maybe, stepped over it. The company’s Super Bowl 50 ad features a young couple getting an ultrasound, only to discover that their baby, um, really, really likes Doritos. Like, a lot. Enough to forcibly remove itself from the mother’s womb. For Doritos.

There you have it: A turbulent, premature birth + delicious chips = profit! What an age we live in.

h/t Sports Illustrated