Badass Double Amputee Doesn’t Need Legs to Win State Wrestling Championship

Even without feet, he totally kicks ass.

Alabama high school student Hasaan Hawthorne wrestled in 37 matches this year and won every single one them. That’s impressive for anyone, but it’s unbelievable for a double amputee.

Born without tibias, Hawthorne has undergone two amputations in his 18 years, leaving him without any leg past the femur. Despite his “nubs”—his words, not mine—Hawthorne won Alabama’s Class 6A, 145-pound state championship on Friday. Now he’ll take his skills to the next level. “I plan to go to nationals and then [wrestle] in college,” he told

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Here’s Hawthorne in action.

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It’s impossible to watch this and not think about how Hawthorne’s “nubs” affect his wrestling. For starters, it makes it harder to bridge, as this profile points out. And he clearly doesn’t get the drive off his “nubs” as his opponent gets off his legs. 

Not that it’s all disadvantage for Hawthrone, who reportedly has the upper body of a 200-pounder. The difference between his arms and his opponent’s in the above video is pretty obvious. Also, his reach is outstanding and his hands are faster and stronger than most of the guys he faces. 

Still, the kid is beating able-bodied wrestlers and he doesn’t have any legs. If you’re at all tempted to think he’s got the upper hand, here’s an idea: Chop off your own legs and see how easy your life is.